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25th -27th September 2017: 3-day course on NGS Ljubljana, Slovenia


A 3-day course on NGS Ljubljana, Slovenia in the period of 25-27 September 2017. The focus of the course is on clinical diagnostics using exome/genome sequences, variant identification and analysis including afternoon practical sessions. For more detailed program please click Program Ljubljana
Registration is open till August 31st. REGISTER Now!



3Gb-TEST project has ended

The 3Gb-TEST project, which recieved funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 602269, has ended as of August 31st 2015. We are trying to receive funding to continu our work and to keep the organisation of NGS workshops alive.

The deliverables of the 3Gb-TEST projects which are publically available:
D1.1 Report on WP1 meeting Deliverable 1.1
D1.2 Updated report WP1  Deliverable 1.2
D4.1 Policy document on NGS Deliverable 4.1
D4.2 Follow up on document on use of NGS Deliverable 4.2
D5.3 A handbook of proposals fo actual implementation of WGS Deliverable 5.3
D6.2 Report/guidelines for 3g-EQA: issues and requirements Deliverable 6.2
D8.1 Website Deliverable 8.1
D8.3 Guideline document will appear after publication
D8.4 Technology Roadmap Deliverable 8.4
D9.2 Midterm Report Deliverable 9.2

24 August 2015 – Final 3Gb-TEST symposium in Leiden

“3Gb-TEST; Introducing diagnostic applications of ‘3Gb-testing’ in human genetics”
On Monday August 24th a symposium was organised at the Leiden University Medical Center. This was be the final meeting for the 3Gb-TEST project, the project ends on August 31st 2015. The milestones which have been achieved in the project were high-lighted and there were presentations on e.g. Genome diagnostics, ethical and quality issues to consider and the future of whole genome sequencing. The programme is available. There were 99 registrations.