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3Gb-TEST meeting 7th November in Paris

7 November 2014 – Journée « NGS en diagnostic » – ‘Le NGS en pratique de diagnostic’ – French regional meeting
The French language was the main language used at a regional meeting in Paris, held on the 7th of November 2014 (Faculté de médecine de Cochin, amphithéâtre Luton, Rez-de-chaussée
24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques. 75014 Paris). The title of this meeting was “Journée « NGS en diagnostic »”. More than 300 participants attended the meeting. The main topics of the meeting were the EuroGentest guidelines, quality assessment, variant analysis, bioinformatics, the selection of technologies in relation to the reimbursement system, ethics, and validation procedures. We regret that not all participants could be seated and apologize for this. Considering the large number of participants and the positive feedback, we conclude that this meeting was a real success. Programme

March 6th 2014 Consortium Meeting in Leiden

The second consortium meeting of the 3Gb-TEST project has been held on the 6th of March in Leiden. All partners gave a presentation on their progress in the work package, several new meetings e.g. regional meeting and worskhops were discussed. Diana Bianchi was present as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

October 18th 2013 Kick-off Meeting 3Gb-TEST

The 3Gb-TEST consortium started 1st September 2013. The kick-off meeting was held on October 18th 2013 at the LUMC in Leiden. All partners were present and explained their plans on how to reach the deliverables and milestone within their Work Package.
Financial, organizational issues and planning were also discussed to ensure a well organised consortium.