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3Gb-TEST meeting in Athens at September 9 2014

Registration is closed.
The 3Gb-test Consortium is organizing an evening of talks at September 9 2014 next to the Acropolis of Athens and the symbolic Parthenon Temple, on aspects related to one of the latest technologies to be introduced into genomics. We are already witnessing fundamental changes in many aspects of biomedical research and clinical practice as Next-generation sequencing is being introduced. The symposium will include an interesting assortment of talks related to the predicted revolutionary consequences on biomedicine and the wider society when NGS goes mainstream.  Programme is available.

‘NGS Course; next-generation sequencing in a diagnostic setting’

Registration is closed, maximum number of participants is reached.
We are organising a 4-day course on NGS in Athens in the period of 8-11 September 2014. The focus of the course is on clinical diagnostics using exome/genome sequences, variant identification and analysis including afternoon practicals. The programme is available.

For details on the registration, payment and important information on the workshop look here. Directions to the venue here.


About the project

about_the_project_smallThe landscape of genetic testing is rapidly changing. Soon, whole genome sequence analysis (3Gb-testing) will be an effective and financially viable alternative to targeted gene analysis.
New technologies that allow efficient sequencing of a whole human genome in a diagnostic setting will have an enormous impact on diagnostic centres replacing many existing molecular and cytogenetic tests.
Patients deserve to benefit from our vastly growing knowledge on functional genomics. 3Gb-testing is the ideal method to bring these benefits to the public.

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