University of São Paulo (USP)

The University of São Paulo is located in the west region of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. It is the largest Brazilian public university and the country’s most prestigious educational institution,  the best university in Ibero-America, and holds a high reputation among world universities, being ranked 100 worldwide in reputation by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


Institute of Biosciences

The NGS Course in diagnostics will take place in the Institute of Biosciences (IB-USP) which is located in the middle of a forest reserve in the campus of the university

Centro de Pesquisas sobre o Genoma Humano e Celulas-Tronco (CEGH-CEL)

Plenary session will be held in the Auditorium of the Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center (HUG-CELL), belonging to the Institute of Biosciences of the University of Sao Paulo (USP), created in 2000.  

The CEGH-CEL offers next-generation genetic testing for diagnosis and carrier detection of genetic disorders (Laboratório de Testes Genéticos CEGH-CEL). Besides having facilities for genomic analysis to researches (Next-Generation Sequencing, Sanger sequencing and genotyping).

Full Address: Centro de Pesquisas sobre o Genoma Humano e Celulas-Tronco (CEGH-CEL) Instituto de Biociências, Universidade de São Paulo, R. do Matão, 13 – Butantã, São Paulo – SP, 05508-090 / Auditorium